Easysolds.com has evolved and was established in 2003 and is an online real estate website that focuses on helping home owners sell their home and keep the most amount of money in their pocket. We are not a traditional real estate service that follows the industry standard model of high commissions for full service real estate services. We believe that home owners should have choices that enable them to make the best decision for themselves and their situation, especially when selling their home. We empower homeowners with access to list their home on the MLS for a low flat fee instead of a high listing commission.


In addition, our website provides all the content that home sellers need to navigate through the home selling process as well as eduction and products recommendations to help them maintain their home prior to selling. This includes our Guides, How-To’s, Checklists, Product Recommendations, Videos and other content that you will find on our website.


Serving the Sacramento community since 2003.


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